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Economical Version

High brightness, large heat dissipation area, precision aluminum alloy cast structure, protection grade IP66

Rated power: 100W-200W

Rated voltage: 200-240VAC

Beam angle: 60 °/90 °

Luminous flux: 100LM / W

PF value: ≥0.95

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Product parameters

ProductModelPowerOutput voltagePower factorColor rendering indexBeam angleLuminous fluxData download
HY203-200W 高压线性250.pngHY103100W200-240VAC≥0.95≥8060°/90°10000
HY203-200W 高压线性250.pngHY153150W200-240VAC≥0.95≥8060°/90°15000
HY203-200W 高压线性250.pngHY203200W200-240VAC≥0.95≥8060°/90°20000

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