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New Product Released-GD series




    Why Modular Design?

    As living standard improved and health awareness risen up gradually, a growing number of recreational
    sports facilities are newly built or upgraded annually. High standard lighting design and high quality LED
    fixtures are strongly demanded.

    There are various sport events, e.g. soccer, tennis, badminton, cycling, handball, basketball, volleyball,
    hockey, baseball, and softball, etc. These sport fields of all shapes and sizes, exciting moments are totally
    different, which are based on different sport types. Thus, a specific sport project should consider
    matching photometric distribution. 

    Our Solution

    As for the outdoor recreational sport fields, pole-mounted 

    installation is commonly seen. Therefore, our modular 

    design comes with diverse lens photometric solutions.

    Benefits of Modular Design

    For engineering contractors, as they are facing with many different sport field lighting demand, modular
    design, same watt per modular while different in photometric solution, makes their job much easier to
    DIY led fixtures’ power, and simulate via dialux. 

    For distributors, they only need to promote 1 series, included 4 sizes and multiple beam angles, which
    can greatly reduce their promotion job. Due to mold can be shared, it’s more probable for fast delivery
    and economical manufacturing cost. 


    Based on performance, providing economical solution is 

    our philosophy for GD series flood lighting.